Little Shop of Beads

Specialising in small quantities of quality beads.

We know what it’s like. You want a few beads for some projects and you come up against these problems with other businesses:

  • They want you to buy a truckload and then what do you do with the leftovers
  • They have minimum order values, sometimes in the hundreds of $
  • They are shipped from overseas, so you’re not sure how long they’ll take to arrive and/or the freight cost is horrendous

We solve all of those problems.

~ We are based in Australia

~ We have no minimum order

~ We carry a wide range of great quality, genuine crystal gemstones and other beads

~ We are small quantity specialists

~ We are passionate about crystal gemstones – like you


We are not “just another store” selling beads. In our product descriptions you will find the metaphysical properties of the crystal gemstone beads you are looking at – that’s invaluable, especially if you are new to the world of crystal gemstones.

We are also creators of bead jewellery, so we know from experience what works.


Simple, Easy, Reliable, Quality Driven.